Hard Yards Running Club Rules

Hard Yards Running Club

May 2023.

These rules are to ensure our members feel welcome, respected and help the club run smoothly.
Everyone must always abide by our rules.
If you feel any of the following rules are not being followed, please contact a member of the committee.
If you feel that someone else’s welfare and safety is at risk, or you have any concerns regarding discrimination or abuse, contact our welfare and safety officer immediately.
Please pay your subs on time.
HYRC Rules.

  1. Respect other club members whether running or socialising in person or online. Aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. Hard Yards is committed to promoting equality and diversity. We value every individual, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief.
  3. Hard Yards take any complaints seriously and, if necessary, will challenge, discipline or revoke the membership of any individual who doesn’t meet the standards set out in rules 1 & 2,
  4. Take responsibility for your own safety and those around you.
  5. You must never run alone.
  6. Ensure you always have, up to date who to contact in case of emergencies with you when running. This is to be done by using a Parkrun wristband. If you are having financial difficulties, please speak with The treasurer in confidence.
  7. Subscriptions are payable monthly. If three payments are missed without prior approval from The Treasurer, you will be asked to leave the club. If you are having financial difficulties, please speak with The treasurer in confidence.
  8. Be aware of other runners in your group and around you. Warn others if you feel they may be at risk.
  9. Respect other road and footpath users. Please be courteous and remember you are representing Hard Yards Running Club.
  10. All members are expected to run to the best of their ability.
  11. No member should should attend a run or Club meeting whilst under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs.

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